Projector Reseller Christmas Promotion Banner

  • Christmas is on Casio! From September 12th to December 12th you can win up to two prizes by selling Casio Projectors. The more projectors you sell the higher level you can reach.
  • At each level there is a choice of 4 prizes to select from, feast your eyes on the prizes below. The XJ-V, XJ-F, XJ-A and XJ-H are worth 1 point and the UST is worth 2. Redeem your points through completing the form below. All you need is a proof of purchase from the end-user to verify your claim.
  • Don’t forget to claim by the 12th of December to ensure your prizes arrive before Santa does.

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions apply: 1. This reseller promotion runs from the 12th September to 12th December 2016. All claims must be submitted by 12th December 2016 to ensure delivery prior to Christmas. 2. The prize(s) will be shipped once the number of units has been sold for that particular prize you are claiming and once all projectors have been shipped within the promotional time period. 3. Maximum 2 prizes per individual. 4. All incentive awards are liable to tax at basic or higher rate depending on the recipient’s liability. 5. Casio withholds the right to withdraw this promotion at any time without notice. 6. Casio Projectors need to authorise all reseller claims with proof of sale i.e. end user invoice, any false claim values may result in the incentive being withheld. 7. Claims and all relevant proof of purchase must be made in one submission. 8. This promotion is capped on 50 units. 9. Due to stock availability the watches are on a first come first served basis.