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  • The famous Casio watch giveaway is back. From May 3rd to June 30th you can win up to 2 watches by selling Casio Projectors. All you have to do is win points by selling Casio Projectors.
  • The XJ-V and XJ-M are worth 10 points, the XJ-A is worth 20 points, the XJ-F and XJ-H are worth 30 points and the UST is worth 50. Accumulate points by the end of June and redeem through completing the form below.

  • GA-1000-1AER GA-1000-1AER 1000 points
  • EFR-550D-1AVUEF EFR-550D-1AVUEF 750 points
  • GA-1000-4BER GA-1000-4BER 500 points
  • EQW-T62OB-1AER EQW-T62OB-1AER 500 points
  • ERA-500D-1AER ERA-500D-1AER 250 points
  • SHE-3800D-7AEF SHE-3800D-7AEF 150 points
  • BGA-300-7A1ER BGA-300-7A1ER 150 points
  • BGA-301-1AER BGA-301-1AER 150 points
  • EF-539D-7AVEF EF-539D-7AVEF 150 points
  • GD-X6900HT-7ER GD-X6900HT-7ER 100 points
  • LA68OWEGA-1BER LA68OWEGA-1BER 50 points
  • LA670WEGA-1EF LA670WEGA-1EF 30 points
  • CA-53W-1ER CA-53W-1ER 20 points
  • F-108WH-2AEF F-108WH-2AEF 10 points
  • F-108WHC-7BEF F-108WHC-7BEF 10 points

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions apply: 1. This promotion runs from the 3rd May to 30th June 2016. All claims must be submitted by July 31st 2016. 2. The free item will be shipped once the number of units has been sold for that particular prize you are claiming and once all projectors have been shipped within the promotional time period. 3. Maximum 2 items per individual. 4. Casio withholds the right to withdraw this promotion at any time without notice. 5. All watches are owned by Casio. 6. Prizes are awarded on a first come serves basis. If sold out the recipient will have to choose a new watch from the available list.

*While stocks last